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and boost your revenuesin Just 2 Months!

Boost your salon revenues with our innovative machines, delivering results in just 2 months. Join the league of Slimspheres salons in Europe, already flourishing in 6 countries.

Why Slimspheres?

  • Lymphatic drainage massage is renowned for its health benefits, creating an ideal scenario for recurrent procedures. Clients usually subscribe to regular sessions, visiting 1-2 times a week. It’s much more profitable than nail or hair salon.

    thigh massage
  • Encourage client loyalty through subscription models. Clients subscribing to lymphatic drainage massage services establish a consistent revenue stream for your salon, fostering long-term relationships and a reliable income source.

    neck massage
  • With clients subscribing to frequent sessions, the need for continuous marketing efforts decreases. Lymphatic drainage massage becomes a staple in their wellness routine, reducing the cost of acquiring new customers.

  • The recurring nature of lymphatic drainage massage ensures a prolonged relationship with clients. Maximize the lifetime value of your customers by providing a service that becomes an integral part of their well-being journey.

    massage heads

Why Partner with Us

Affordable machine

Slimspheres is 3-5 times cheaper than its competitors

Several options

We have several models of machines that can suit your budget and needs

Diverse Expertise

We have tested many machines and created the best combination for practical usage

Rapid Returns

Experience a full payback period in just 2-3 months, with high profits per procedure

Slimspheres is the ideal treatment to add revenue stream to your existing beauty business. It is highly profitable and easy to operate.

Client Loyalty

Benefit from a substantial share of returning clients and recurrent services

Easy Training

We will provide you with the necessary training to provide best-in-class procedure

Simple Maintenance

Contrary to our competitors, maintenance is easy and cheap

Compare Options

wdt_ID Slimspheres Mini Slimspheres Pro Competitor "Endo" Competitor "Sleek" Competitor Vela Competitor LPG
1 Price of machine 4 500 € 9 000 € 35 000 € 20 000 € 30 000 € 25 000 €
2 Time to start operations 3 weeks 3 weeks 2 months 2 months 3 months 3 months
3 Indicative Price per procedure 60 € 60 € 60 € 60 € 60 € 40 €
4 Risks No, affordable machine No, affordable machine High Initial investment - Expensive Mandatory regular maintenance High Initial investment High Initial investment - Expensive Mandatory regular maintenance High Initial investment - Expensive Mandatory regular maintenance
5 Easy to Manage Yes Yes Complicated to operate and maintain Complicated to operate and maintain Complicated to operate and maintain Complicated to operate and maintain

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Let us be your guiding light, explaining every detail for the successful usage of Slimspheres to boost your salon revenues !

1. Contact us
2. Choose your machine model
3. Contract and Payment
4. Receive you machine
5. Training for your machine operators
6. Start operating Slimspheres

Diverse Machine Models

Machine Mini

1 Massage Machine “Mini”
+ Training

4 500 €

Machine Pro

1 Massage Machine “Pro”
+ Training

9,000 €

Machine Combo

1 Massage Machine “Mini”
1 Massage Machine “Pro”

12,000 €

Machine Pro Combo

2 Massage Machines “Pro”
+ Training

16,000 €


Visualise the potential net profit by adding Slimspheres to your services. Choose your machine model, input the average price of procedures, and let our calculator estimate your success

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between "Mini" and "Pro" machines ?

The “Mini” machine is portable and can be easily moved from one room to another.
The “Pro” machine has a chassis, and despite the fact that its on wheels, it takes more space

Are there any hidden fees or monthly charges?

No, we believe in transparency. There are no yearly or monthly fees associated with usage of the machine. However, please note that standard cleaning and maintenance of the machine will require you to purchase some spare parts every few months.

How quickly can I start making a profit?

Operational profits typically start flowing in from the second month, and you can expect a full payback period within 2-3 months of using Slimspheres.

What support do you provide for users with no experience in the beauty industry?

We offer comprehensive guidance and support for individuals with zero experience. Our training will ensure you are ready to operate Slimspheres.

Can I book a meeting to discuss the details further?

Certainly! Simply head to our “Book a Meeting” section, and we’ll be delighted to schedule a personalized discussion to address all your queries.

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to our team, and we'll be happy to assist you on your journey to salon success!

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